Legendary US workwear brand Dickies continue to mine their archives to produce contemporary fashion wear that stays true to their heritage with the Oakwood Selvedge Chino.

Based on the cut of their 874 work pant, the signature Dickies product (created in 1922, mass produced during WWII and much loved by LA’s Latino gangs and skateboarders worldwide) has been given a premium makeover.  Produced from 100% selvedge cotton, woven on shuttle looms and dyed in Japan, it still features all those much loved features of the 874 – the high waist, perma-crease and machi (crotch inserts), which give the wearer much greater freedom of movement – but with a more luxury twist.

Dickies is a truly iconic brand which has been integral to street culture since it’s inception, so it’s great to see them able to capitalise on the recent trend for high-end, workwear inspired clothing in a way which offers something different without compromising on their hardwearing functionality.    It’s probably best they leave the cashmere and Harris Tweed versions for others to make for now.

As an aside, here is a great video created by Dickies to show just how hard wearing the original 874 workpant is.