The Firenze is a new style for Fall/Winter 2011 coming from the desire to make a great basic boot with the same standards of quality and comfort as the Roccia Vet is built around.

It is being introduced in the Waxed Commander leather from UK tannery Charles F Stead & Co. Ltd., which is a very rugged leather. CF Stead have used their original cape butt tannage that results in a leather with low fat content and a highly shrinked fibre structure, which combined with waxes gives a very durable, tough and characteristic leather. This leather is waterproof up to at least 15,000 Maeser flexes. The Maeser tester is a flexing machine that dips leather samples in water, then bends and creases them over and over again – the same action that would occur when you’re hiking a trail. To measure water resistance, the machine simply counts the number of flexes the material withstands before water seeps through. In the leather industry, if a sample survives 15,000 flexes it is considered waterproof.

The sole used is the Vibram Cristy, a historical Vibram design reintroduced in the Vibram Morflex micro-cellular soling compound. Vibram Morflex is 1/3 the weight of composition rubber, and provides maximal lightness combined with high flexibility and bounce. This sole has excellent slip-resistance on floors, but will be slippery on ice due to its extreme flexibility.

The inner lining is made of cow leather instead of pig leather for increased comfort, and the footbed is of vegetable latex with a leather upper lining. All components apart from the leather, including hardwear and laces, are italian made. Handmade in Onè di Fonte, Italy.

Available now from Haven.