The 2008 edition of Diesel Wall contest goes international with four giant urban canvasses in Spain, UK, USA and Switzerland. Woth art democracy in mind Diesel created Diesel Wall, a competition dedicated to young artists and designers, to offer them the opportunity to showcase their works on an extraordinary scale monumental, freestanding vertical walls in the centres of world’s most important cities. In 2008, this art project will delve into new territories: Manchester, Barcelona, New York, Zurich all are now hosting new Diesel Walls, continuing the tradition started in 2004. From March 31st until May 18th 2008, creatives from around the world can apply online at with their designs in an open competition for the new edition of the project. Anyone from anywhere in the world can enter and conquer their own Wall! The artists will have total freedom in sending concepts, conceived for a specific Wall or for all four Walls. The people to select the winners for the Diesel WallI will include Peter Saville, legendary graphic designer; Francesca Gavin, Visual Arts Editor of Dazed & Confused; Terry Jones, Founder and Editor or i-D magazine; Pollyanna Clayton Stamm, Curator and Head of Creative Programmes at URBIS, an exhibition center located in Manchester which covers photography, design, architecture, music and contemporary art and Wilbert Das, Diesel Creative Director.

Winners will be announced through the website with local events in all four cities, while the Manchester installation will be showcased from mid June onwards.