While Dime Mtl is no stranger to the skate world, their slow merge into apparel has been just as promising as their skate videos. Focused on producing quality, honest skate apparel without the frills, they are creating an organic demand for Dime products. For their latest release, Fruit of the Loom decided to use blanks from Dime Mtl to produce a run of tees adorning their iconic fruitful logo. Believable? Not so much, but we certainly love the idea and cant wait to own one. Accompanying the release of the Fruit of the Loom tee, they restocked on the “Visage” tee, released the classic Dime logo hoodie, and released their first mixtape with Tommy Kruise entitled “Porn for the Blind” [DIMEMIXTAPE001]. Be sure to stop by Dime Mtl online to check out their new product and download the mixtape below.