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Dior Homme was swept to the forefront of menswear off the back of Hedi Slimane’s huge fan base, the designer created and aesthetic which has gone on to become one of the most influential in fashion over the past 10 years. The designers slim monotoned sillhouette inspired photography, design, styling and all aspects of fashion, whilst turning Slimane into a cult icon. Since his departure, its been the less than easy task of Kris Van Assche to fill his shoes and keep the brand on the upward climb. Van Assche has received the all too obvious barrage of criticism’s, but in my mind the designer is without doubt one of the most talented around today. I’m a fan of his own namesake label, and believe his work with Dior Homme has been merely tarnished by the almost impossible task of living up to his predecessor.

I’ll be the first to admit though, that I haven’t actually bought anything from Dior Homme since Slimane’s departure in 2007, but that said, I never bought into the brands footwear anyway… If there was one way in which Van Assche has outdone Slimane it’s in his superior ability to design footwear. His own labels shoes (check out Kris Van Assche Footwear for the current Fall/Winter season here) have become iconic, setting trends and are a favourite of mine, they blend a modernist approach with a classic aesthetic.

I’m a big believer in fashion being forward thinking, but not at the cost of class, Kris Van Assche has been able to achieve what so many others haven’t.

Spring/Summer 2010 see’s the continuation of Van Assche’s command at Dior Homme, and with it some of the best shoes he’s done for the brand, possibly because they resemble closer his own lines collection and style. Of course the lines are slimmer, but the use of assymetric function and other innovation and classical materials are the same.

Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2010 Runway – from which you can clearly see the new approach to the brand Van Assche has taken, a looser silhouette brings the brand to life yet again.

Image: Frillr

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