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This should be a humdinger and yours truly right here is on DJay duties half the night….Should be a blast!

Much respect to the DQM posse 5 years ago they opended up around the corner from me when I first moved back to the Lower East. It was them, me, the salvation army shelter for troubled teens and a bunch of crackheads from the rehab center across the street from the store. Talk about a craze location. In 5 years I have seen the block change a lot. The Bowery Hotel opened up right across the street ( and down the block from the rehab shelter thing) and the block cleaned up kinda sort of. Good things happen to good people sometimes and DQM thriving is one of them. I put the cats in one of the last issues of Mass Appeal ( It was long overdue) and they always flow me the dope New Era’s ( I love em they got the letter D on em so ya know the drill) and basically it’s my go to store to cop a pair of vans at, shoot the shit at and on a slow day lurk on the bench at. Good kids in the store, an amazing buildout and a nice line of their own and Dave’s a drinking bro of mine. What more can you say but big ups! This is New York cats doing New York shit and winning and ya gotta love it! Come and celebrate it’s gonna be one for the record books.