Here is another compelling installation from surgeon DR Romanelli, this time creating a collection exclusive for PROJECT in Las Vagas.

The Dr Romanelli “Atlantic Yachting” collection was created specifically for my good friend Nick Wooster’s installation at PROJECT Las Vegas. The textiles were sourced through Captain Alexander Pincus and his Atlantic Yachting business in Manhattan NYC . We were at dinner a few months back and Alex offered to ship me a selection of his older sails that had been in storage , some dating back to the late 80′s . I had never worked with sails before but was inspired by the idea of reworking them into a collection of blazers, shorts and bags for PROJECT WOOSTER. I was very intrigued by the spinnakers which help move the sailboat faster downwind. The spinnaker is often a colorful sail and it was amazing to see the effect the salt has on the deterioration of the fabric revealing the under-layer of materials. I tried to mimic this visual by selecting lighter textiles for the DRx garments revealing the bold linings via the blazers and shorts.