Famous for re-constructing vintage clothing pieces, Dr. Romanelli, aka DRx, is the latest designer to partner with Coca-Cola to create fashion that applies the designer’s signature hand to the brand’s famous iconography. Romanelli – inspired from his carefully sourced collection of retro Coke clothing, selected from flea markets and vintage stores from around the world – is launching a 200 piece “Coca-Cola by DRx” collection, complete with his signature bomber and biker jackets, vests and cut-and-sew T-shirts.

DRx’s fit with Coca-Cola is flawless and authentic; his aesthetic is a mix of American heritage and modern street-wear that, coupled with his appreciation of patchwork Japanese designers like Jun Takahashi and Junya Watanabe, inspired his new collection of wearable staple pieces, accented with flashes of his signature, vibrant Coca-Cola collages.

Each of the 200 pieces is a customized item stitched together from multiple Coca-Cola garments. His retro finds span a period from the 1960’s to 90’s. Romanelli says, “What is new becomes old, and what is old becomes new; and what was conventional and common instantly becomes iconic and rare”.

Romanelli’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for Coke’s legacy is apparent in his designs. “Coca-Cola, as a brand, exudes such a positive aura – something that has resonated personally with me ever since Coke’s role as a title sponsor at the ’84 Olympics in LA. To have the opportunity to bring my own energy to that aura, and to explore new paths within the brand’s historic design labyrinth, is absolutely a dream come true. It’s equal parts retrospection and innovation.”

DRx, known for his ability to re-imagine vintage clothing, is the latest designer to continue in the tradition of interpreting this celebrated brand, while making Coke as relevant as ever with a global style audience. “Through these collaborations, Coca-Cola lends its design legacy as a muse. By offering access to its vast vault of vintage designs, Coca-Cola inspires designers to use the brand’s enduring iconography to create signature Coca-Cola fashion,” says Kate Dwyer, Head of Global Licensing, The Coca-Cola Company.

“The Coca-Cola by DRx” collection is available at select stockists including Opening Ceremony, Colette, United Arrows, and Juice.