Today, Americana is a global trend, a catalyst and muse to variety artists who span both generations, and mediums. Darren Romanelli and Hitoshi Tsujimoto are uniquely individual explorers of Americana, each mining memory for creative inspiration  – each of them archivists and artists combined.

The Real McCoys specializes in classic military clothing, remake experts and the company’s collaboration with reconstruction specialist Dr Romanellu, seems to promise a harmonious and fruitful collaboration. Looking for a way to combine their formidable efforts, Tsujimoto and Romanelli happened upon one of the most successful American comic strips of all time, the story of a hapless war recruit and his circle of lovable quirky pals.

Mort Walker first debuted the unforgettable Beetle Bailey in newspapers in 1950. Now boasting a massive worldwide audience. His legendary character, the loose, lackadaisical and utterly likely Bailey, is quintessentially American, a hilariously insightful look at our innate distaste for authority -and our relentless pursuit of a good time. Beetle Bailey is now a classic anti-hero, who embodies two distinctly American qualities, resiliency and humor.

With the support of Mort Walker, Tsujimoto and Romanelli are taking Beetle Bailey in new directions, using the comic as inspiration for a new kind of resurrection and repurposing. They are creating a whimsical approach to Americana.