cov2When I first saw Cast of Vices I thought it was brilliant. That is of course just seeing the pieces and not the reasoning behind it. All I saw was jewelry that has claimed the lives of more than enough people in our culture in this past year. It didn’t seem edgy as much as it seemed really relevant to our times, to our past, present, and future. I recently had a chance to speak with Christopher Glancy, creative director of Cast of Vices (and Bodega Prints) about where the company is coming from and where he wants to go with it. Whether you agree or disagree with the company I feel that you cannot deny the relevance of their pieces nor the quality. It is for that reason that we welcomed Cast of Vices as our newest brand on our online shop ACCESS.

”I just want to create something that perhaps enhances your daily life and surroundings.” This is what you said about Bodega, do you feel like Cast of Vices is another way of doing this?

I’d like to think that Cast of Vices is sharing a vernacular with Warhol’s Soupcan or Koon’s Inflatibles. We are giving our own point of view on objects that have permeated our society and had a huge impact on it with out us even acknowledging it. Bodega is about enhancing your surroundings; I think Cast of Vices is more about calling attention to what we may be sweeping under the rug.

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