These little guys showed up today courtesy of Butcher Block crew! So It’s a 2 pack of 100 % Halloween Be@rs produced by Medicom Toys and designed by Dr.Romanelli and Butcher Block. The “Visible” be@r is the DRx one it’s all about veins and guts the other brother is Butcher Block’s first be@r featuring their logo on the front, mad paint splatters on all over, menacing skull on the back of the head. The boxes are all soaked in blood and very fitting into Halloween Theme. But wait that’s not all. There is also a 400 % DRx “Visible” Be@r. It’s made out of clear plastic so you could see all the inner workings of 400% be@r, like little springs and gears. If you are looking for a set good luck! The Be@rs are only sold on Halloween Eve in mad limited quantity. Congratulations to Butcher Block, DRx and Medicom Toys this is probably the freshest Halloween Release yet. Visit for more pretty pictures and details. Oh and be on the look out for Butcher Block in the future it’ll blow your lid off.