Ivano Atzori was born in the 1976 and grew up in the periphery of Milan. He came into contact with the world of graffiti in the early 90’s, just like many others of his generation. He quickly dedicated himself fully to the lifestyle until he was, before long, one of the most respected writers in all Europe. In 2001, he opened King Kong, which steadily became known as the most valid underground boutique in Milan. Spazio I Am, an open space for artists, designers and partygoers, was opened a year later and sealed his presence in the Milan scene as the primary underground celebrity of the city. Without ever abandoning the intensity of the street, he started a new artistic career, participating in a variety of collective shows and collaborating with designers such as Costume National and Vivian Westwood. In 2004 he had a solo exhibition in Spazio Viafarini, one of the city’s most visited galleries which caused the media to focus even more attention on this inconvenient, exceptional and mysterious character. In a short time, Atzori became the ultimate discussion both in institutions that concern themselves with public order and in those that belong to the contemporary art circuit. In 2007, he participated in multiple new projects, including a collective show in London, as well as the French photography project Traces de rouge a levres. He is currently lives in New york, where he is preparing for his next show that will open this June at Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan.

AARON BONDAROFF is proud to introduce the Milanese artist IVANO ATZORI at a signing for his new book DUMBO: Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love, February 7th, from 5pm on 75 Sullivan St, Soho, NYC. Thanks to The Glob of course.