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We recently showed you the Quentin Jones created film to promote Patrick Grant’s E. Tautz label, and here is a closer look at the collection.

Patrick Grant has been causing quite a stir in the British fashion industry over the last few years.  Since he took over Saville Row bespoke tailors Norton & Sons in 2005 he has been on a mission to get people interested in traditional tailoring methods and materials again.  Anyone who has been lucky enough to catch the brilliant BBC documentary “Saville Row” will see how Grant has been working with new cuts and materials, and teaming up with designers like Henry Holland to open up the world of bespoke fashion to a more youthful and hip audience, as well as generally re-invigorate the British fashion and fabric industry.

However, a Saville Row suit is beyond the bank balances of most people, so Grant continues his mission to bring traditional fine tailoring to a contemporary audience by re-launching classic 19th century British sports label E. Tautz.  The label offers a range of casual, ready to wear suits, shirts, knitwear and accessories all made from quality materials crafted solely in the UK.  Whilst some of the range is a little too subdued and old fashioned, other pieces offer great luxury sportswear that would layer well with more modern brands.

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E. Tautz is available from Matches and Beams.