Eccentric Classic Soror takes the iconic shapes of the fedora and the hunting cap and re-imagines them in fresh, fun fabrics. Taking vintage tees and the designers cull from warehouses in Los Angeles, and then cut and mould into the hat shapes. This summer has two themes, rock and college. Rock is taken from guitar prints of the 80s that look cool again on the hunting hats. College takes university name T-shirt prints and bold colours to make original graphic messages on the fedoras and hunting caps. The favourite is a hunting cap made from a varsity letter jacket: the thick felt and leather trim are complemented by the ribbed back with gold thread detail. Eccentric Classic Soror also produced a unique collaboration with the 300-year-old James Lock hat makers from London. They made a panama hat into a white fedora with silver guitar strings around the band and two guitar picks with their logo engraved attached.

Thanks to colette for the info

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