A collection inspired by individuals living their lives in Edwin. Personal life experiences etched into the grain of the fabric in wearing the denim as functional garments, reliable and strong, constructed using premium fabrics and finishes.

To ascertain the season’s highway aesthetic is to dissect the look and feel of the Edwin motorbike brotherhood ‘Sons of the Summer’ thereby illustrating the highlights of what is the most comprehensive spring summer collusion of fabric, function and form from Edwin for many years.

The collection from the belt loops up is vintage inspired, a conscious juxtaposition of influences from decades gone by and heroes and villains from the world of film and music – Edwin eats, sleeps and breathes culture throughout the design process.

Motorcycle references pepper the collection, partly due to the culture for customization on the streets of Edwin’s home city – Tokyo and simply down to the feelings one experiences riding a motorcycle with friends. A sense of freedom, and of sharing with others the same need for flight and independence. Customization of ones own motorcycle parallels breaking in ones own denims, unique in spirit.

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