In its first ever campaign, ellesse heritage has created City Portaits, a series of films by fashion filmaker Konstantinos Menelaou documenting familiar icononography – and what it means for a day in the life of the story’s featured protagonist. Each film paints a unique portrait of the cities in which the protagonists live and thrive. A ‘day in the life’ style documentary captures their working life, hobbies, active routines and personal interests; giving the viewer a highly personal insight into each city.
“Every morning Londoner, Chris overlooks the iconic river Thames, residing in the famous OXO tower building. Activity is at the heart of his lifestyle, working as an alternative personal trainer. He explores the culinary offerings of the city and fulfills his passion for food by working as a chef. Even though Chris is submersed in one of the fastest cities in the world, his day to day way is calm. Taste, touch and smell lead him around his city.”
The next episode in the series – for Summer – will focus on life in Berlin, with Autumn/Winter moving to New York City.