On 15th December, UNKLE will release ‘End Titles… Redux’ as a limited collector’s edition of 3000 CDs that will only be available via UNKLE.com. This will also be available digitally from the 14th of December. The release will feature seven re-interpreted tracks from the album ‘End Titles… Stories For Film’, two new tracks and ‘Trouble in Paradise (Variation on a Theme)’. The exclusive package is a 6 panel soft-pack with a 12 page booklet with images by Robert Del Naja.

UNKLE has always worked with classical musicians. In the last four years this has happened more frequently. For ‘End Titles… Redux’ UNKLE felt there was an opportunity to further work with the orchestral parts of ‘End Titles… Stories For Film’ by adding new arrangements and remixing to allow a more ambient sound to come through. This has resulted in a predominantly classical body of work.

Pre-Order ‘End Titles… Redux’ here in North America or here in the Rest of the World.

When Once It Was
Cut Me Loose (Redux)
Can’t Hurt (Redux)
Against The Grain (Redux)
24 Frames (Redux)
A Perfect Storm
Heaven (Redux)
Nocturnal (Redux)
Clouds (Redux)
Trouble In Paradise (Variation on a Theme)

More UNKLE is a great thing but where is the new material?! Anyway can’t wait for the Redux to be released.

text via UNKLE myspace