We have already seen a few previews of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection from Engineered Garments here at slamxhype, and now we can take a closer look at the collection thanks to doo-bop who have taken delivery of the initial drop.  Available now are the Shawl Collar Cinch Vest, Engineer Jacket and Bedford Jacket coming in a range of colours including the ever popular chambray.  I’m always a bit cynical about those who only dress in heritage wear, over do it and you end up looking like a Victorian factory worker, however there is no denying the quality and versatility of Suzuki’s designs and I love the texture given by layering the relaxed materials in the collection.


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  1. jjaylad

    I grudgingly love EG's new threads at Context for this spring, however, heritage work with denim and denim colors almost looks cheap… like passe London/UK heritage wardrobe that does nothing for me. The second piece above… yuck.