Juxtapoz have published info about Jonathan LeVine Gallery presenting a solo exhibition of new works by Erik Mark Sandberg entitled The Equilibrium of Glamour.

"The artist has created a series of new paintings for The Equilibrium of Glamour, which will be the artist’s first solo gallery exhibition in New York. The Equilibrium of Glamour contains Sandberg’s unique hybrid of styles and mixture of mediums. Painting obscure allegorical narratives by incorporating 3D digital polygon models, printmaking, photography, drawing, collage, and painting into his work, the results are a seamless synthesis of colorful visuals developed across the scope of craft and technique. Carefully combining his digital imagery with organic elements, Sandberg’s creative process is highly experimental in nature. The artist explores initial stages of progression further within the work itself, adding and subtracting layers until he has achieved just the right balance for a completed piece. One source of artistic inspiration for Sandberg is his own environment, as well as his perception of tensions that exist between certain environments and their inhabitants. Living in Los Angeles, he is confronted daily by the types of issues prevalent in contemporary society. These issues often influence his work, becoming the subjects communicated through his illustration and fine artwork, including themes such as globalization, gentrification, consumerism, online dating and the dynamics of modern relationships. Integrating digitally rendered human and animal figures with contrasting traditional and non-traditional painting skills, there is a photo-realist component within Sandberg’s part-digital, part-organic world. To the artist, this composite relationship reflects the increasing disconnection of contemporary society from its greater organic environment, and the progression towards a new, self-manufactured, synthetic reality."

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