Erik Parker

Born: 1962 Stuttgart, Germany

Erik Parker was born in 1962 in Stuttgart, Germany. who is now living and working in the New York City. In addition to being a painter, Erik Parker is a self-appointed archivist with various interests extending to music and performance. In 1996, Parker acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at the University of Texas at Austin in the US, and in 1998 he accomplished his master degree education at State University of New York at Purchase. In his earlier works, he incorporated writing, using allusion patchworks of words to diagram the subcultures that interested him: hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, the art worlds of the 1980’s and today. He often employed symmetrically structured to his exhaustive paintings that can suggest Rorschach inkblots, the densely packed words, and drawn in marker. All of them are strongly related to the theme of a given work. His paintings are resembled of elaborate litanies of name, specific people, places and movements both familiar and famous, which swirls intestinal shapes and colorful, intricately painted doodles and evokes an era or a scene. Mr. Parker’s current show at Faurschou in Copenhagen beautifully unveils both psychological and psychedelic world, building hallucinogenic body works.

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