Espo has constructed an epic installation placing Guantánamo Bay and the controversial torture technique know as waterboarding under some scrutiny. In Coney Island on West 12th Street just off Surf Ave you will come across some very cartoon-esq Espo work on the walls above some stairs and look past the metal bars you will find a portrayal of a cell in Guantánamo Bay. Upon the payment of a dollar you will see the installation in full impact, a manniquin shackled down in an orange jumsuit adorning a black hood that will for 15 seconds be uncompromisingly shaken while water is poured over the ambit mouth of the ‘prisoner’ simulate an interrogation method. Bringing some well needed attention to this cruel inhuman act may well be the annicdote the authorities need, so lets see how this audacious act is accepted by the public.


Thanks to the NY Times for the info.