To say Etwas is a product of love would be a severe understatement. Through the spirit of a true craftsmen Will Lesak produces beautiful leather pieces only utalizing the essentials tool contained within a single portable workbox Will needs perfect his craft. Consider it an exercise in complete restraint as Etwas doesn’t utilize no true dedicated office space. “We have no buildings and no offices. We use neither electricity nor water nor plastic. We are light. We are mobile. All of our materials are durable, natural and low impact. From our wooden benches, to our steel tools, to our copper rivets- the patina of age and the scars of use will only add richness, texture, and the comfort of familiarity and use”. Through this complete focus on craftsmenship Etwas has produced an range of leather bags fit to last 3 lifetimes. Three pieces are currently produced a standard cary-all, a light pack, as well as a smaller tool bag suitable as a smaller carry all. The funtionality, and practicality of each piece has a multitude suitable purposes and with hard use the natural patina that will develop will surely bring character each bag. More information can be found through the Etwas website.