It has been SIX years since the concept of Evil Monito was conjured and born. What started out as an online magazine in January 2001 in the college dorm room of Rickey Kim, has now come into fruition as a new company in the whole. Evil Monito Agency will officially open its doors for business on Friday – October 12, 2007. You’re invited to celebrate with the E:M crew in this joyous occasion. The event will also act as the debut of their project with Kangol, continuing the New York celebration last week, which had a tremendous turnout.

"We encourage those who RSVP  – – to also submit a child photo jpeg of themselves to build on the theme of "heritage." In a time and age where gatherings are far too often contrived and where true connections are hard to come by, we hope this opening will set a new precedent of gathering for the City of Los Angeles. On this particular night, we have an opportunity to take in a live performance by Capitol Recording Artist – CJ, a young 19 yr old singer that channels the tones and sentiments of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Music ambiance will be provided by DJSTYLE (Unknown Document), Gomez Warren IV, and BAM (Hellz Bellz). All three DJs are dear friends of Evil Monito and we would like to highlight their amazing talent of music selection for our esteemed guests. Beverages will be provided by 10 Cane Rum (serving Evil Mojitos), Vitamin Water, and Tiger Beer. We will also open our main showroom space where Klipsch Audio’s state-of-the-art sound system will accompany a slide show presentation to further commemorate the Evil Monito x Kangol project."