The very first FROM is out!

FROM –  in their own words:

FROM is a magazine about youth & culture. we decided to make it as we convinced ourselves there was a cultural void to cover here. intuition has played a big part in the realization; along with freedom, good people, young inspiration and loads of talent.

This is our very first issue. it is anything but perfect but we are proud all the same. meeting girl-turned-boy, Caspian. Commenting and embracing the moral issues of beauty pageants for kids, documenting the homes and minds of four young Copenhageners, getting honest replies on why we reproduce, making room for crafty visual contributions and diaries from two young girls.

FROM magazine

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  1. Torsten Nielsen

    They look really cool – hope they sound as good as they look. Also hope they are as comfy to wear as they are (designed to be) durable.

    Watching the video, where the cord is wound up, I was kind of expecting the jack to be inserted in a hole, to keep everything in place. Would it be hard to make, or would it mess up the design?
    Look at pic #3 at the top in – isn’t the jack just begging to be inserted somewhere?