Acronym Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

There are few brands which strive to integrate technology into fashion as Acronym.

This latest release features a 62 oz Trench Coat – which can boast at being one of the lightest on the market – and the brands signature ACR Blazer, which when made from 3XDRY Dryskin material means that no ironing is necessary – a useful addition for a brand which is on the forefront of fashion/functionality boundaries.

Colour schemes are instrinsically part of Acronym’s mystique, featuring monotone dark palettes, whilst styling has a sense of being true to the tailored feel of many collections, with adapted blazers and shorts suggesting that Acronym see themselves moving to a more ‘central’ fashion focus.

The range of accessories maintain the essence of functionality with solar battery units and luxury unit pockets adding an explorer note to the collection – a move which again gives nod to high end design when looking at collections such as Kenzo Spring/Summer 2010.

All items avaliable now at The Glade