Few days ago I received an invitation and a special key from my friend Jin, who runs Modern Sky Records. They put together “Music To My Eyes” exhibition at Today Art Museum.



It was a lovely warm afternoon, with performance from New Pants, Zhazha etc Modern Sky talents. I caught up with my friend Hang Feng (Graphic Artist) and Ben Houge ( Sound Artist) from Shanghai, they  worked together presented a sound and graphic piece called Kaleidoscope for the show.

Another interesting piece was by Mathieu Borysevicz ” Changning District Orchestra”. A 3D video installation structure compiled and composed from the raw material he shot in collaboration with the migrant recycling population and other found actors of Changning district in Shanghai.

Johnny’s ( Beijing rock band PK 14 drummer ) large all white installation was the first piece that caught my eye, I can’t remember the title, but I stayed at his piece for the longest, there were markers so I started drawing on his pure white structure… well with consideration and respects of course, and signed on the tinny metal piece on the fresh new cast on his leg. It is refreshing when you bring rock music and fine art together, it makes art little less for the art critics and sellers, more for every day people.  You don’t have to be that serious and academic to have artistic state of mind.

We went for Yun Nan food in Middle8 afterwards, one of my favorite Yun Nan food restaurants with the rest of the artists. I went out with no wallet, no business card, no camera, Music, art, drinks, food, but key to a locker full of love and it’s Friday night…:)