Film and media studio Squint/Opera has created a series of images titled ‘Flooded London’ which depicts imaginary scenes of London 80 years into the future in the year 2090, revealing how the London population will have adapted to living with the raised sea level.

These images have been created using photography 3d modelling, and digital manipulation that imitates some of the techniques seen in the realistic Victorian Landscape paintings. Details are exaggerated and play with scale to present images that belie their composition.

It’s been 20 years since NASA warned us about the catatrophic effects of global warming, perhaps this exhbition will serve as a good visual reminder of what the consequences might be for us in the future (if we don’t act now that is…).

The ‘Flooded London’ exhibition is a part of the London festival of Architecture, and will be hosted at Medcalf Gallery in Clerkenwell 20th of June up until the 20th of July.

So you can check out these images in full detail there. Otherwise have look at the images below.

Thanks to images from Dezeen.