Crooked Tongues have coverage from the release of Foot Patrol’s Campus release over the weekend. While normally the release of a new shoe isn’t the most exciting event, especially if you weren’t there to get your hands of the shoe, I thought this release was particularly interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, the shoe itself is a sign of the changing times in sneaker culture, not only was it created by one of the world leaders in sneaker retail in such a simplistic way, but it also attracted massive attention. I heard people flew from all over Europe to make sure they got a pair, and this kind of queue we haven’t seen in a while, again for a fairly basic and historic shoe, rather than anything with too many bells and whistles, the second point I found interesting was the way Wes and his FP crew put it all together with so much though, just look at the photo’s, everything was planned perfectly down to the 3pm store opening.