Common Projects started in 2004 as a collaboration between graphic and industrial designers Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat. Going into their sixth year they are still creating the “perfect” sneaker, but also expanding into accessories. This Spring will bring an exceptionally nice pair of Sunglasses with Moscot and also their first Womens collection (preview below). Their mix of smart street style and understated luxury is something relevant and necessary in an otherwise watered down market. My personal favorite from them is the Achilles Mid, the perfect mid top sneaker. NY Times Bifen Xu recently caught up with the two designers and asked them a few questions.


Q: Who is inspiring you right now?

A: Ian Curtis

Q: What music is playing at your studio right now?

A: “If I Could Write Poetry” by Television Personalities

Q: What’s the last item of clothing you bought for yourself?

Peter Poopat: RRL Chambray shirt

Flavio Girolami: It was a shirt I actually had fabricated at a factory in Italy.

Q: What’s your favorite vintage store?

PP: I stop in just about every Salvation Army that crosses my path. I like to look at all the weird electronics and random junk. It’s like walking into a rotating cultural museum, but I’d have to say Melet Mercantile. It’s like a dream in there.

Q: Name a book you’ve read more then five times.

PP: “Welcome to the Monkey House,” Kurt Vonnegut.

FG: “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Oscar Wilde.

Q: Which fictional character do you most relate to?

PP: R2D2; sometimes Boba Fett.

FG: C3P-O; sometimes Han Solo.

Source: NY Times