Here is a look at a very impressive and quite refreshing Italian footwear company in their first season by the name of Forest of Gingko (F.O.G.). While there are a plethora of footwear companies with goals of recreating and producing some of the finest in classic and military inspired footwear, Forest of Gingko focuses purely on detail, exploring new heights in quality control, as well as injecting hints of modern modifications to their line of casual footwear. F.O.G. uses only the skin of fallen animals, as opposed to animal slaughter, to process their double stitched soles. In addition, no chemicals are added to their 92% biodegradable soles. These steps are clear reflections of the brand’s mission to create footwear with no compromise in production whatsoever. It is not hard to tell that the favorite would be the Francesina Alta Military inspired boot, although the derby besso, derby brogue, derby mid, and derby alta are all undeniable styles in this collection.

SlamJam Italy and Union LA stock F.O.G. as well as a select few premium retailers.