In an interesting three way collaboration New Balance teams up with Singapore’s leading streetwear boutique Leftfoot and Southeast Asian street culture magazine Streething. The premise of the project was to show the Past, Present, and Future of the American footwear company utilizing 3 different models. The past model was handled by Streething and used the original 574 colorway which is predominantly navy with gray accents. The present was conceived by Leftfoot and re-imagined into an earthy H574J. The green and brown is supposed to represent the concept of culture chameleons of present times, how cultures are overlapping and blending. The Future uses the HS77 model and makes use of sonic wielding technology for a minimal look along with lightweight materials.

These will release October, 15th at Leftfoot stores in Singapore and select Asia accounts. 600 of each model were made.

Source: Freshnessmag