This season Graphic tees take a more photographic direction with disrupted collages featuring distorted video imagery and vintage photography offered in cool blacks, white and oatmeal marl.

This season’s camouflage pattern is DPM: Real Tigerstripe, MHI’s take on maharishi’s original DPM: Elemental Tigerstripe which features symbols for the 5 elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether expressed in Sanskrit caligraphy created by an expert Tibetan calligrapher. Both these patterns take as their inspiration the classic zig zag tigerstripe pattern, first produced in South-East Asia during the Vietnam war in a variety of versions; it was initially issued to US Army Special Forces troops who valued its functionality and concealment properties in jungle environments, and regarded it as a kind of status symbol.

The cut and sew collection comprises classic military and workwear reinterpretations with a collegiate twist. Fabrics include water resistant resin coated cottons, Jumbo cord detailing, Wool embroidered varsity jackets and miltype P- Coats.

Cargo Pants and Chinos, Wool over-shirts underpin the line,  combined with worker jackets and slim deck pants to create an instantly impactful collection finished with MHI’s customary attention to detail.