Here at SLAMXHYPE we have been following this upcoming release of the project between Nike Sportswear and Cassette Playa with great interest. Nike Sportswear have teamed up with one of the freshest faces in the scene in UK-based creative icon Carri Munden and the outcome is more than impressive. Here we have a great interview with Munden as she describes the story behind the project as well as the release which will feature a pop up store at the Nike Sportswear 1948 store to celebrate the release.

The Cassette Playa Blazer was first created for Carri’s Spring/Summer 2008 “Future Primitive” runway show, a show that was inspired by Carri’s concept of “urban shamanism.” As Carri explains it, “urban shamanism” a way of thinking that is summarised in her unique style for the season – “Ancient Amazonian hunting rituals adapted by a gang of skaters in a post apocalyptic city”.

Nike’s classic Blazer instantly became a pioneer in footwear when it was released in 1973. Taking its name from the Portland Trail Blazers; as Nike’s first hoop shoe, it proved worthy of its name. At the time, The Nike Blazer was a welcome departure from its more clunky counterparts. The Blazer’s simple design soon became de rigueur on and off the court and in recent times has been embraced by other cultures, including skaters – a point not lost in Carri’s creative process. “The Blazer’s adoption within the skate community made this the perfect shoe for the project. The colours reference the faded neon’s of eighties skate culture. For the materials imagine the shoes came from a toxically mutated lizard = sci-fi pimp.”

Carri was inspired by Nike’s minimalistic design approach, keeping the Blazer’s striking elongated swoosh centered on the shoe. “We’ve left only a circle and triangle for the wearer to decode” The Cassette Playa Blazer will be available at the Nike Sportswear 1948 store at Bateman’s Row, Shoreditch and select Nike Sportswear retailers.