Here is a look at a key feature from the recent issue of THE NEW ORDER magazine with a look at the BePositive Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. This editorial entitled “Poetic Realism” provides an insightful look at the collection, with a focus on new styles introduced for the spring/summer 2012 season and showcasing the labels progressive nature.

The silhouettes you see here are available now from Slam Jam.


The idea of making Be Positive shoes was first conceived at the end of the ‘90’s, but the first collection was
created only in 2007 to meet the need to create a low tech sneaker that could combine the elegant Italian
tradition with innovative research and comfort.

The first collection was launched in Fall 2008: several simple styles among which the well-known Chukka. The whole line consisted of a series of shoes with a box sole that restrains the shoe upper kept together by a natural leather strip.

Through the years, both stylistic and technological research have evolved making Be Positive’s collection
more and more complete and engaging, adding to the well known concept of low tech sneaker that of high
tech, a combination destined to hold many surprises in the years to come.

Under Slam Jam coordination, Be Positive show the perfect synthesis of classic elegance and technological evolution: a contemporary innovation.

This shooting wants to show us the Neva collection, made with soft yet structured materials, with a neoprene sock and its classic boat sole in gel (an ever-present detail) and the leather strip used in traditional Italian shoes.

The restyling of the Neva Derby model gives the shoe a more classical look; peculiarity of this shoe is the
unlined interior as in traditional boat shoes.

The new Neva Francesina, twin of the winter model with the same name, is made more summery thanks to its sole and lighter materials; its linen lining makes the shoe cool and comfortable.
In addition to the classical one-color models, Be Positive introduced 2 bi-color styles inspired by the 30’s.

Art Direction: SLAM JAM

Photographer: Marco Marzocchi

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