A special collabo with Gio and his FORFEX reality is the perfect way to happily end the Sanrio 50° anniversary. FORFEX = sneakers, spaceboots, Sasha Grey wearing spaceboots, leather, studs, Skin from Skunk Anansie wearing leather sneakers with studs, lifestyle, daring collabos and an irreverent blog. Avoiding any kind of definition, Forfex created by Gio Forbice 3 years ago. is Pure Wild Creativity.

Sanrio, the Japanese company known worldwide especially for Hello Kitty, has in its portfolio more than 400 characters. Gio picked four of them to create original graphics inspired by the “Chaos” concept. Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz Maru and KeroKeroKeroppi details have been mixed one into each other to have a final twisted Sanrio symbols universe.

The FORFEX X SANRIO is a super limited edition collection. It will be launched in an exclusive preview at Colette in Paris during next Mens Fashion week and showed at the Espace Evolution at Rendez Vous, available at the best European stores starting from September 2011.

This drop collection is made of 3 shoe styles (Rotten in both low and high version and of course a Forfex SpaceBoot) that will come together with a shoe bag specifically designed for the line, an i- phone cover and 3 t-shirts created in collaboration with the worldwide famous photographer Keiichi Nitta.

Thanks to Slam Jam for the info.