Following the initial surprise announcement that Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design was working with Nigo’s A Bathing Ape we can see more items from the collection. Featuring the minimal “Baptism of BAPE” designs from the initial collection it includes a series of printed tees, sweats and hoodies that are reminiscent of the classic early-to-mid 90s streetwear that spawned the BAPE empire.

BAPE are perhaps the most celebrated of Japanese streetwear labels, but the high profile success of the brand and the lure of the $ has seen them squander their hard earned and fully deserved brand equity on a series of collections aimed squarely at the mainstream. This collaboration, alongside the impressive URSUS sub-label from Tet goes a long way to addressing this, but is it too late to save this once powerful brand?


The BAPE X Fragment collection is available now from Cliff Edge.

2 Responses

  1. geoffreynguyen

    Never too late for BAPE! I think this collab and the URSUS line with Tet proves that. Or they just paid a lot of money.

  2. Allan

    i was totally unimpressed by this collab at first, but on reflection it really reminds me of the Fuct, X-Large, etc… tees i was rocking in 93