Here is another impressive product to come from fragment design, this time another collaboration with Kangol has surfaced. The Mau Cap is the out come of a very thoughtful design maintaining the concept of fragment design. This time round this collaboration was the initiative of Kojiro and using navy, black and beige makes for a great product.

Thanks to Honeyee for the info.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow….. all are really looking just incredible and exceptional. As the Kangol Mau Cap is really looking cool featured post. And this one is really looking one of the increasing personality stuff. And I think blue is really looking so cool about it. Thanks for sharing some best of thing about it.

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  2. The Laughing Cow

    This one is exclusively looking one of the magnificent creation. As the post shows the Mau Cap designs in this source. I have found the different types of varieties from the same post. Thanks for sharing.