I’ve been a student of New York street folk lore as long as I could read way before Feds and Don Diva hit the stands. Whether it was Mafia talk or hood history it’s always intrigued me and my friends. Frank Matthews was nick named Black Caesar as he was the Black Godfather of sorts. Here’s the Craziest thing, he got away. Yep with a reported 15 million bucks never to be seen again. Sadat X put me up on Frank Matthews aways back when we were on some Brand Nubian tour driving to DC and Marc Levin the documentary film maker recently told me a bunch about him as well. He’s the ghetto D.B Cooper to me recognize. Here’s some history about Mr. Matthews: Read it his whole program was bonkers.


Lets just say unlike reputed and admitted rats American Snitch Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, Matthews never dimed a single person. Can’t wait for the doc looks like another hood classic right up there with Cocaine Cowboys.