We shared Part 1 of this interview last month, we can now publish part 2. Fraser Cooke is one of the most important people in Lifestyle Marketing full stop. So any insight into how he works is something that must be read. Read Part 1 here.

The proverb continues.  As Fraser flaps his wings we examine the resulting cultural tornados. Having talked about his past history in part one of this interview, Fraser tells us a little more about Nike’s current projects and the way in which collaborations are developed and implemented and how Nike go about marketing these projects. Beginning with Japanese designer Jun Takahashi and his collaboration with Nike for the Gyakusou running collection.

Glenn Kitson:  So can you tell us about how you met Jun Takahashi?

Fraser Cooke: I’ve known Jun Takahashi since 1997 when I first visited Japan. He was a friend of a friend who used to work at Gimme 5. Subsequently, when I would visit Japan I would sometimes stay at his house so we’ve had quite a long term friendship.

GK: How did the relationship between Jun and Nike come about?

FC: Jun is a great designer and is also one of the most creative people I know. His work lives in the fashion world but he also has a street edge. I was looking for a way to bring him into working with Nike but it wasn’t always the right time. And then, a few years ago, Jun got heavily into running. Obviously running is the roots of Nike so this seemed like something we could look at. So, I called Jun up and suggested he may want to do a project with us that focused on running. Jun was interested, I think for him it was a case of “I’m in as long as it’s not a fashion project because that’s what I do anyway”.

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Words- Glenn Kitson
Portrait – Antony Crook