Vauxhall Motors’ ‘ADAM Journeys‘ sees designers Fred Butler, Louise Gray and James Small filmed on their creative journey to personalise their own Vauxhall ADAM car ahead of its UK launch in early 2013. A conceptual film entitled ‘ADAM Journeys’ will reveal their designs, directed by Tom Giddings which captures their personal career journeys as well as their processes in customising the Vauxhall ADAM car. As well as the designers themselves, each designer’s mentor also appears in the film. James Small is joined by Kim Jones, Men’s Style Director at Louis Vuitton, Fred Butler is joined by Diane Pernet, Founder of a Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival and blogger, and Louise Gray is joined by Richard Sloan, stylist and fashion consultant who also styles her shows. Check out the ‘making-of’ film below, offering a behind-the-scenes look at this unique project.