Lachie is one of the 9 from Nine Lives, he is the “on it” guy, looking after us and picking us up from the airport and generally being a great host.

He also enjoys infectious disorders on his Ikea dogs.

French is weirdo – all kids agree.

We hit the gallery. It’s a real nice space – the guys have done a great job.
This will be their first solo show after opening a few weeks back.

The cockroaches are bigger in Brisbane.

Some of the works including the boar 3 colour silkscreen prints that hadn’t arrived for Melbourne.

We took dinner in Chinatown. French, I and the Nine Livers which ofcourse there is 9 of
French, Stu

Stu, Joel

Joel, the waitress, Jay (our gracious host), Matt

Tom, Chad

Sam (in background), Matt and Lachie!

This is Jay, he is a ruler and has put us up in his house having never previously met us. Thanks Jay.

And Matt – pretty much the mayor of Brisbane and the guy who made this happen for us.
He also does THIS