Fuct’s latest season’s collection is heavily inspired by Eric Brunetti’s fascination with Vietnam War imagery, the collection entitled BDU ‘ Battle Dress Uniform’ tell’s numerous stories throughout, heres a look at the series of Tee’s.

LOS ANGELES MOTHERFUCKER – The Long Sleeve tee version of the Japanese only released Jacket we showed you just this week here. Only this time its available in the US.

69 DEATHS – Based on a group of L.A. bikers/poets that use to smuggle pharmaceuticals across the Mexican borders in the 70’s.


NAM – Printed soft hand (vintage treatment) on custom t-shirt bodies, The tee’s are very soft to give an old worn feel.

DEATH BUNNY –  Again this tee is given a vintage treatment on a custom body construction.


You can check Fuct for more info and of course read Erik’s blog at Slam to get then inside scoop. Without a doubt one of the best collections of tee’s in sometime. Dropping in stores this week, so don’t miss out.