Fuct have just release two new shirts inspired by the early days of skateboarding in a collection entitled “The Trench”.  With photography by Brian Plebani and Eric De Jesus, featuring quotes from Hemingway and Nietzsche and based on a favourite skating spot in Philadelphia the collection is a typically strong concept from Erik Brunetti.

Here are Mr Brunetti’s thoughts on the project in his own words:

“The Trench. A drainage ditch that runs along the 378 freeway in Pa.

My friends and I cleaned, cleared and started skating this spot in late 1981. It became the area hangout for delinquent teens and punks as well as the the breeding ground for some of the best skateboarders from Philly, NYC and N.J. – Many scuffles and fist fights happened in the trench- Punks VS Jocks, Stoners VS Straight Edge kids, etc…every west coast pro that came through the area would visit 2 spots, The MFC vert ramp and the Trench.

The Trench shaped many lives, including my own, it represents 100% rebellion to leagues of skaters all over the east coast. Today, it still remains as one of the most frequented skate spots in the tri-state area.

The Trench Photo print set- consist of photographs of friends shot by friends circa 1983-86, at the highly influential east coast skate spot. “


Available now from Fuct suppliers including Union.