This season FUCT is releasing 2 T-shirt designs with Los Angeles Photographer, Shawn Mortensen, in conjunction with his new book, "Out of Mind". Shawn Mortensen is best known for his continuous work with London’s I.D. Magazine(you may have seen his photo work with M.I.A this issue).

The first shirt is a photo of a very young Snoop Dog, it was the very first time snoop was photographed for media use, and his up coming career as a rapper. It was shot in Long Beach in Late ‘91-’92.

The second is a photo Shawn shot of Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) in the same year. Shawn remembers the shoot as being very upbeat and fun. He said Biggie was cracking jokes the entire time, (hence the big smile on Biggie’s face) This photo was shot  at the Good Luck Bar in Los Angeles, California.

Both photo’s were taken are taken in 1991-92. (The back print reads 1990’s Photo Series, along with the artist name) and the t-shirts have been produced in very limited runs, and will be released Oct. 1.