Erik Brunetti founded Fuct in 1990 and saw the label develop into one of most important and well recognised brands in the world.

Founded: 1990
Founder: Erik Brunetti
Location: New York

About Fuct

Erik Brunetti first made his name as Graffiti Writer ‘DEN ONE’, before the Artist/Graffiti icon founded Subversive Streetwear label Fuct in 1990. The brands use of iconic Pop Culture imagery and themes, with a specific penchant for Planet of the Apes, WWII and the Vietnam War .

Fuct and Erik Brunetti are widely regarded as an intergral part of a streetwear movement which went on, over the past 20 years to change the way fashion is seen and developed. With its roots in Punk Music, Skateboarding and Graffiti, Fuct was a part of a creating a new anarchist way of designing clothing for the street.

Fuct’s influence was seen all around the world, even seeing the opening of the infamous X-Fuct store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Fuct’s imagery is world renown and a constant source of reference in street culture today, as is the brands philisophy.
In 2009, Brunetti launched Fuct’s Japanese manufactured and marketed SSDD, Same Shit Different Day, label. A brand focussed on creating high quality street fashion from the best materials and references.