Saturday was the artist talk at ACP for my show Batteries Not Included.
All the artists spoke real well.

Thanks for snapping these Garry

Actually, everyone looks a little smashed in this pic – it had been a long week for most and the previous night had been the artists dinner.

Misha Hollenbach – one quarter of the Changes.

Jonathan Zawada – four quarters of Jonathan Zawada.

Misha took over from Shauna (who spoke efficiently (not a euphemism – she really got to the point) the previous evening) as speaker. It was indepth and insightful.

The back of the Changes installed creation.

JZ also gave a lot of great background on his work – there is so much to this piece.

Martin Bell’s masterpiece.

Marty had a whole heap of anecdotes to how his work came together.

Ross Manning followed and gave some great points on working with ongoing ideas and generating new solutions up to the last minutes of installation.

Kat and Lara AKA Spat +Loogie take us through performance and opening up engagement and conversation in the void usually allotted to frustrated analysis.

A bushman turned up to talk about Ben Barretto’s installed surveilance portrait of a computer bug.

Last speaker was Paul Winkler – he spoke well and long and can talk forever. If only one had the time to keep the talk open. Really we talked for hours the previous night at dinner.

Unlimited Paul Winkler.

Malcolm and myself.