store credit

Now that the dust has settled on the family time-spending, food-eating clusterbomb that is the Holidays, it’s time to take stock of what kind of gifts you got.

Odds are, however, that once you do, there’s going to be at least a few gifts that fell short. But, don’t despair because ever since the advent of Store Credit, even the most absurd gift can be flipped towards getting you that gift that you actually wanted.

Just follow SlamXHype’s guide to spending your post-Christmas store credit. Warning: you’re going to have to spend some of your own holiday cash to trade up (you can’t hand the guy at the return desk a pair of wool socks and get back a Schott leather jacket), but these trade-ins will get you on your way to Christmas Gift Bliss.


store credit

Your dad thinks he’s slick feeding your sneaker addiction with a pair of Nikes. Problem is they’re the wrong Nike’s. Get the right ones from Nike Sportswear’s webstore.

Mr. Porter

store credit

Your kid brother’s paper route doesn’t provide the kind of income that’s conducive to extravagant gift giving. So, you can’t really blame him for getting you socks, especially actually nice ones from Mr. Porter. What you can blame him for is getting you socks with playing card decals on them. Go to Mr. Porter’s webstore to trade up to the kind of bowtie that’ll set your NYE outfit apart from the pack.


store credit

Your weird uncle who goes on African Safaris every year probably thought he was nailing Christmas with this VERSUS zebra-print backpack from SSENSE. He wasn’t though. Save it with an upgrade to these jet-black Damir Doma shades off SSENSE’s webstore.


store credit

Your aunt was completely mistaken when she thought you read books, especially books written for sexually frustrated housewives. Collect all the word-ridden items that she sent you, then go to Amazon’s webstore to upgrade to something you can actually use: like this uber-slick vinyl record player from Pro-ject.


store credit

Your mother always gets you underwear. You don’t want underwear. You want to smell like Tom Ford. Do that by visiting Macy’s webstore.


store credit

Your grandmother thinks she’s got good taste; she always goes to the high-end department stores likes Nordstrom to get your presents. The problem is that then she picks out the ugliest knit item there. Exchange her sweater for a pair of Jay Z‘s favorite sunglasses. Go to Nordstrom’s webstore.


6 Things To Spend Your Post-Christmas Store Credit On