The latest in in our Gift Guide Series is from our good friends in Belgium, Hunting and Collecting. One of our favourite stores, mixing classics with more fashion ready looks, a great assortment of accessories and lifestyle products and always amazing in store art direction.

iCade – game console for iPad by Ion 145€
Pom Pom Band Shirt by Christopher Shannon 252€
DVD ‘Safe’ 19.99€ (available on request)
Polaroid films Impossible Project 22€
Arrow by Frederick&Mae 95€ (available on request)

Woolen Pattern Beanie by White Mountaineering 126€
Woolen Pattern Sweater by White Mountainerring 410€
White Double Pocket Polo Collar Shirt by Marni 239€
Diamond Light by Eric Therner 32€ (available on request)
Flying Fuck remote controlled helicopter 34€ (available on request)
Mint Candle by Kitsuné 42€
Tokyo Compressed Revisited by Michael Wolf 22.99€ (available on request)

New Tirol Wings by Diemme 335€
Tapis tote/backpack by PAM 215€ (available on request)
Computer leather case by Antiatoms 135€
Leather Belt by Peter Jensen 45€ (available on request)
Woolen Knit Officer Tricot by Bleu De Paname 249€
Pajama Shirt by Dana Lee 165€
Yellow Fluo Vase 85€