Everytime Gitman Vintage come out with a new collection, it is something fresh and ads some diversity to a label with a rich history and a timeless aesthetic. The Gitman Vintage Spring/Summer 2011 Collection makes for welcoming news with some really interesting patterns and colors used so we can look forward to a release in the near future.

“Now into our 5th season, Gitman Vintage found Spring / Summer 1986 to be a great starting point for Spring / Summer 2011. Re-issuing basics from the past, SS11 offers an array of pastel Oxford solids and stripes, summer weight chambrays both solid and patchwork, Indian cotton madras, not just in plaid, but awning stripes too. It also literalizes SS86 by not changing the look and feel of our season’s favorite – the Cotton Dishtowel Patterns. Linens make their seasonal cameos, as well as first timers — Japanese Organics, Jungle Bros., and our Sisters.”

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