Paris Fashion Week continues with Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy. Street inspired as we’ve come to expect from the designer, a luxurious turn on street culture with a unique blend of black luxury and intricate prints and patterns. As always shorts play a big role in creating this unique silhouette and layering.

Images: CQC

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  1. Benjamin Doig

    Looking over this collection I think I know who let the dogs out.

    We know that animal prints have been on the radar for some time now, and even bigger with leopard print this year. Do I perhaps for see 2011 being year of the Rottweiler?

    A very genuine look and the colors work well. For most there is a piece from this collection to satisfy everyone’s needs. I seem to be drawn to the puffer vest like jacket, and the all around chocolaty feel of the colors used in this collection. It’s nice to see bigger names such as Givenchy release apparel that isn’t as high fashion and more wearable for the street.- I guess it’s a different story though when we discover the price tag.

    Kudos to Riccardo Tisci for this stunning collection.

    Benjamin Doig

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